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Sunday 17th September 2023 – Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost


It is easy to be guilty of paying lip service to forgiveness. It is easy to say “I

forgive you.” when, in actual fact, you are a seething bed of anger. Sometimes

we forget the number of times we have been forgiven and when someone

becomes indebted to you, you “exact your pound of flesh”. There is certain

level of hypocrisy in the mean-spirited actions of the wicked servant of which

he is unaware. He had the much greater debt forgiven but climbs on his “high

horse” and demands what is owed to him. There is much to learn from this

Parable today. Also, I wish to thank you all for being such a hospitable,

friendly and welcoming congregation as I came minister among you Thank

you for coping with some of the seniors’ moments I have had! May God bless

you and prosper this parish in its witness to Christ in Dandenong.

Be sure to offer Graeme and Jane the same love and support that you have

shown me over our time together.


TIS 134 Praise my Soul the King of Heaven

MP 133 And can it be

MP 456 Make me a channel of your Peace

MP 51 Be thou my vision

DISCIPLESHIP EXPLORED started on Wednesday 6th September and will last for the next seven weeks?


The tradition of remembering loved ones who are with God by

donating money for memorial flowers is a great one! Over the

years the expenses have gone up and there is now a minimum

donation of $100 for fresh flowers to be arranged in the big

display at the pulpit. If there are any special requests for type of flowers,

colour etc. this may incur additional costs depending on availability and

season. Please note we need 2 weeks’ notice and payment to be made when

requesting this service. Contact Naomi 0449179115


Is Victoria’s annual evangelical conference to be held at Syndal Baptist

Church, 588 High Street Road, Glen Waverley from 6.00 pm Thursday, 18th

to Saturday, 20th January, 2024. Get your early bird tickets now and learn

from God’s word, connect across cultures and join community as we pray for

a World That Knows Jesus.


Anglican Church Calendars are available again for $15, the same price as last

year. Please order by email to and include your phone

number for making distribution arrangements. Alternatively, orders can be

made through the parish office. Payment will be due on delivery of the

Calendar during November.

2024 LECTIONARY - $16

Lectionaries for next year will be available, setting out readings for all

services each day. They are a valuable resource in preparation for weekly

worship and private daily use. Please send your order by email

to and include your phone number for making

distribution arrangements. Alternatively, orders can be made through the

parish office. Payment will be due on receipt of the Lectionary during



Our next lunch will be on September 20th 12noon at the Dandenong Club

Heatherton Rd. All parishioners are welcome. Please write your name on the

list in the porch or contact Doreen 0439 795 386 or Margo 0419 888 426


To celebrate Ian’s ministry with us over the past 14 weeks, in the hall after the

10.00 a.m. service, please bring a plate of finger food for a special

Morning tea.


24th September – 17th Sunday after Pentecost

Exodus 16.2-15; Psalm 105. 1-6, 37-45; Philippians 1. 21-30; Matthew 20.1-16


15th September Oyem & Rob

22nd September Samoan Congregation

This week we continue to pray for

Mike; Mark; Clovis; Rose; Eva; Cecil; Stanley; Nigel; Russell, Kevin; Joanne, Eve, Lynette, Danny, Esme, Michael, Charles, Edward, Tyrone, Gwen, Sylvia, Dr Nathan, Joan & Beryl.

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