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Sunday 19 September 2021 – Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost


When we think of greatness, what comes to mind?

Is it sporting greatness, the achievements of those who kicked the most goals, won the most medals, broke the most records?

Is it financial greatness, buying a first home, perhaps the dream car or even the long-desired holiday house?

No doubt, these things are great in their own right. It takes much time, dedication and effort to achieve any of these things, and in some way, it makes them great. But is the pursuit and achievement of high and lofty goals truly what makes a person great, or is there something that we are missing?

In our passage this week (Mark 9:30-37), Jesus disciples are caught disputing about the greatest amongst them. No doubt they have great ambitions and were committed to out-competing one another to achieve them.

But as usual, Jesus turns their expectation on its head.

1. The Greatest

2. The Least

3. The Servant King


TIS 745 Seek ye first the kingdom of God.

MP 162 From heaven you came

TIS 609 May the mind of Christ my saviour


We will continue recording services until restrictions allow us to meet face to face, and these will be made available each Sunday morning. Having said this, church life continues. The clergy are available to speak to on the phone, and please don’t hesitate to call! Please continue to pray for each other from our homes and to learn from God’s word.


Church Calendars will be available again, at last year's price of $13. Because of restrictions this year, the ordering process is different. Please send your order by email to and include your phone number for making distribution arrangements. Alternatively, orders may be left at the vicarage. Payment will be due on receipt of the Calendar during November.

2022 LECTIONARY - $15

Lectionaries for next year are available, setting out readings for all services each day. They are a valuable resource in preparation for weekly worship and private daily use. Please send your order by email to and include your phone number for making distribution arrangements. Alternatively, orders may be left at the vicarage. Payment will be due on receipt of the Lectionary during November.


Bank details are as follows for your weekly offering:

Account Name: St James Anglican Church, Dandenong

BSB 703 122

Account No: 05004623

If you have stewardship envelopes, please use your name & envelope number as a reference.

If you wish to donate to the Building Fund

Account details for donations to the Building Fund

Account Name - St James Building Fund, BSB–703 122,

Account Number - 05009897


Under current restrictions, people cannot come to the church to mow lawns and do gardening. With spring upon us, we hope these restrictions will lift, but we must comply in the meantime.


18 September: Heinz & Vic

25 September: Samoan Congregation


Rev Graeme resumes duties on Monday, 20 September.


We pray for those who are sick or troubled in body or mind or who have special needs:

(Please email or contact clergy for prayers for anyone who needs them).

This week we continue to pray for: Bethuel; Russell; Melanie; Mike; Mark; Hazel; Clovis; Shenae.

Could those who have placed names in the Book for Prayers please update it by removing anyone who is no longer in need of special prayers. Alternatively, you can email the office. Thank you.

We also pray for: The Church of the Province of Uganda; The Diocese of Newcastle; Defence Force Chaplains; St Paul’s Anglican Church Frankston; St Andrew’s Brighton; Archbishop Philip and all our Bishops in their ministry this week.

READINGS FOR NEXT SUNDAY: 26 September, 18th Sunday after Pentecost

Esther 7.1-6, 7.9-10; 9.20-22;

Psalm 124;

James 5.12-20;

Mark 9.38-50.

Have a Blessed week, and let us know if you have any needs


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