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Sunday 26th February 2023 – First Sunday in Lent

REFLECTION: Romans 5:12-21 “Eternal life through Jesus Christ”

Have you ever had to suffer the consequences of something that your father,

or your grandfather, or even your great grandfather did? Maybe you are still

living through a family feud that began with former generations? Maybe

you’re still paying off your father’s debts?

Like it or not, the lives of our parents & grandparents influence our

lives more than we would like to admit.

But even so, no single action of our ancestors has had the devastating

effect that Adam’s actions had in the beginning on all humankind. Through

Adam, we became sinners and suffer death. But through another man, Jesus

Christ, we have received God’s grace and the promise of eternal life.

Here is a summary of this morning’s message.

1. Sin came into the world through one man, Adam, and death came through


2. How does Adam’s sin affect us today?

3. But grace came into the world through one man, Jesus Christ, &

eternal life with it.

4. How does this new life from Jesus affect us today?

To Think About:

Who has the biggest influence in your life? Adam or Christ?

What do you need to do to experience more of the abundance that Christ



TIS 231 At the name of Jesus

10,000 Reasons

TIS 578 How firm a foundation

TIS 154 Great is thy faithfulness


If you have a Mission box and it wasn’t returned last week, could you

please bring to church this Sunday. Thank you for supporting our Mission


A very big thank you to Martin and Daniel for speaking to us last Sunday

on their involvement in Scripture Union Family Beach Missions over the

holiday period.

It was good to get an insight and hear of the rewarding time experienced

by participants and the leaders. A wonderful way of ‘Proclaiming Christ’.


Resuming this Sunday


Graeme will be leading some Bible Studies at the church starting from

Wednesday 1st of March at 7:30pm. We will be looking at the Sunday

gospel readings.


COVID is still with us, but nevertheless we are returning this Sunday to the

use of the common cup. We will continue to give the option of individual

cups and of grape juice. At communion, as the server with the cup

approaches you, raise your hands to the cup if you wish to drink from it. A

second server will follow with a tray of individual cups, including some

with grape juice. If you are at all unwell, please use do not drink from the

common cup.


Some used Christian books have been donated to the Parish and will be

placed on the table in the Parish Centre. Feel free to take whichever one

you like.


We finally have good news on the Curate front. The final details are still

being worked out but in principal, the Rev. Jonathan Chaintrier will be

joining us from March 1st as half-time Assistant Curate. Jonathan has

served for the last two years at St Augustine’s Mentone. More information

to follow shortly.


5th Mar – Second Sunday in Lent

Genesis 12.1-4a; Psalm 121; Romans 4.1-5,13-17; John 3.1-17


Mike; Mark; Rose; Eva; Cecil; Stanley; Nigel; Russell; Josie, Kevin; Joanne, Eve, Margaret, Lynette, Danny, Esme, Henry, Michael, Milton, Sylvia, Charles, Edward & Tyrone.

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