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Sunday 5 September 2021 - Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost


Faith in unexpected quarters Do you think God has favourites? Is there a profile or a type that God prefers over others? The Jews had been chosen by God for a purpose, to be the people that the saviour would be born to and to carry the good news to all nations. This was a great privilege, however too often, they just sat back and said to themselves, “how lucky are we to be the chosen people, God’s favourite” and they rejected their neighbouring people. They thought God had no interest in the other people groups around them. They couldn’t conceive that the Gentiles were also precious in God’s sight and would also share in God’s eternal kingdom. They dismissed them as pagan, unclean, inferior, and of no interest to God. Today’s reading demonstrates Jesus compassion also for the gentiles and challenges our own misconceptions about who God might be calling. Here is an outline:

1. An unclean Gentile with a bold request (24-30)

a. A foreigner with a desperate faith.

b. The Priority of the Jews – “Let the children be fed first” (27)

c. Even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs (28)

d. For saying that, you may go – the demon has left your daughter! (29-30)

2. A deaf-mute is miraculously healed (31-35)

a. In the region of the Decapolis, they begged him for healing (31)

b. Immediately, his ears were opened, his tongue was released, and he spoke plainly (35) 3. Faith in the Son of God where it was least expected (36-37)

a. The more he ordered them, the more zealously they proclaimed it (36)

b. He has done everything well (37)

c. He even makes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.

To think about: Have you ever been guilty of dismissing someone and thinking, “God would not be interested in that person?”


TIS 585 I heard the voice of Jesus say

MP 1214 O Lord you lead me (Have faith)

TIS 133 O Worship the King all glorious above


We wish all Fathers a great day and trust you will be able to celebrate in some way (FaceTime/Zoom?) with your loved ones.


Graeme is taking two weeks holiday from home from Monday 6-Sunday 19 September. He can’t get away due to restrictions, so please try and leave him in peace and direct all enquiries to either Mike, our Curate or the Wardens.


Unfortunately, recent restrictions announced mean that we will be recording services for the next few weeks, and these will be made available each Sunday morning. Having said this, church life continues. The clergy are available to speak to on the phone, and please don’t hesitate to call! Please continue to pray for each other from our homes and to learn from God’s word.


Thank you to those who are depositing into our bank account or dropping off your offerings at the vicarage. Bank details are as follows:

Name: St James Anglican Church, Dandenong

BSB 703 122

Account No: 05004623

If you have a Stewardship envelope, please use your name and envelope number as a reference to be applied to your stewardship giving. If you wish to donate to the Building Fund, Account details for donations

Account Name - St James Building Fund,

BSB–703 122,

Account Number - 05009897


Hall renovations – We have some good news on our building project. We have the go-ahead to begin Parish Hall renovations. The idea is to spruce up the hall as it will be used extensively for many of our activities during the building of the new Parish Centre. We plan to begin these works on 13 September. These works will continue for about three weeks as the roofing is replaced, damaged timbers replaced, kitchen cupboards and benchtops replaced, and the whole building repainted inside and out in approved heritage colours.

Basketball Court - We have also received approval for the new basketball court. As soon as restrictions allow our builder to begin works, we will begin. It has been a long wait for this approval, but God willing, we hope to see the court available in October.

New Parish Centre - The planning approval process for building on heritage sites is slow and confusing. Still, we are in the final stages of submitting our planning permit application after many, many meetings. Would you please pray for our architect Geoff and all the building committee in this important work?


We pray for those who are sick or troubled in body or mind or who have special needs: (Please email or contact clergy for prayers for anyone who needs them).

This week we continue to pray for: Bethuel; Russell; Melanie; Mike; Mark; Hazel; Clovis; Stephen; Shenae.

Could those who have placed names in the Book for Prayers please update it by removing anyone who is no longer in need of special prayers. Alternatively, you can email the office. Thank you.

We also pray for the Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan; The Diocese of Adelaide; St David’s Doncaster East; Provincial Visit to Gippsland by Archbishop Frier; Archbishop Philip and all our Bishops in their ministry this week.

LAWN MOWING ROSTER: 11 September: David & Marg 18 September: Heinz & Vic

READINGS FOR NEXT SUNDAY: 12 September, 16th Sunday after Pentecost

Proverbs 1.20-33;

Psalm 19;

James 2.18-26;

Mark 8.27-38.


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