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Sunday 7th July 2024 – Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

REFLECTION: 2 Samuel 5:1-10 “David Becomes King”

You might well be wondering what all this history about David and Jerusalem has to do with us today and that it’s a good question. Certainly, we can glean lessons for life from David’s example. But even more that, David is Jesus’ great ancestor, and the model of a great king that Jesus would not only aspire to, but greatly surpass.

Jesus comes as the fulfilment of God’s promises made to David, of a son of David who would one day establish an eternal Kingdom. To understand fully who Jesus is, we need to understand where he comes from and see his antecedents in Israel’s history. Jesus is King David’s greater son, the Messiah, and he will establish an eternal kingdom with the New Jerusalem as his Holy City, and us as his holy people. Here is an outline of this Sunday’s message.

1. David is anointed King over all Israel

a. Already anointed by God through Samuel (2)

b. Already recognized as Israel’s leader, even while Saul was still king (2)

c. Now received and anointed by the 12 tribes (5, 3)

2. David’s reign begins Israel’s golden age

a. David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned for forty years (5).

b. David became greater and greater, for the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him. (10)

3. David captures and claims his Royal City

a. The king and his men marched to Jerusalem against the Jebusites (6)

b. David occupied the stronghold, and named it “the city of David”

c. The “Son of David” and the New Jerusalem


To Think About:

If you had to prove to somebody that you belonged to Jesus and to his heavenly kingdom, what evidence would you have to prove it?


TIS 446           Glorious things of you are spoken

TIS 746           The heavens shall declare

TIS 10              The Lord’s my shepherd

TIS 28              God is our strength and refuge


Bishop Paul Barker will be leading a series of three talks called “Faith under Trial”.  He will be speaking at Glen Waverley Anglican Church but the talks will be livestreamed. They will take place on July 17, 24 &31 at 7.30pm. Our Wednesday group will be waiting the livestream then talking about it afterward in the Super Room.



As we begin works on the new building, we put out the call for all of us to prayerfully consider how we can help with this project which will be of great benefit to our church and to future generations.  We are still needing to raise a considerable amount.  The building fund account is listed at the end of the Pew sheet.



Has been delayed until early July due to delays with permits.



Continue today at 12 midday in the vicarage.


We were able to hand out a few more beanies at the Monday Meal this week to those who missed out last month. Thank you to all knitters and for all donations of wool - very much appreciated. – Doreen.



On Sunday 28th of July we will be having a special 10am Patronal Day 160th Anniversary service with the Archbishop.  There will be no 8am service that day.  There will be confirmations in the service and the service will be followed by a brief turning of the sod and blessing of the building project for the new Parish Centre.  After church there will be a catered lunch in the Parish Hall. Please buy tickets in advance.  The lunch will have a cost of $35 for adults and $10 for children.



If you would like to help in serving breakfast at Dandenong Primary School on a Tuesday or Thursday morning from 8.15 - 9.00 a.m., please contact Kaye on 0490 090 507.  To participate a Level 2 Certificate in Child Safety is required.



Anglican Churches from right across our Jumbunna Region will be gathering at Glen Waverly Anglican to pray for our churches, for growth, for more leaders to be raised up, for the Hope 25 campaign, for Australia and the for the world.  St James is leading the time slot from 10:30 to 11:00am.  We would love you to come and join with us in prayer. Different churches will each lead a 30 min time slot.  It starts at 8am and finishes at 6pm.


READINGS FOR NEXT SUNDAY 14th July: Eight Sunday after Pentecost

2 Samuel 6.1-5, 12b-19; Psalm 24; Ephesians 1. 1-14; Mark 6:14-29


THIS WEEK WE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR: St John's Bentleigh; The Anglican Church of Australia; Anglican Criminal Justice Ministry Chaplaincy; The Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean; Holy Name Vermont South-Pastoral service; 170th Anniversary Service – St Paul’s Geelong; St Stephen’s Gardenvale – pastoral service; Archbishop Philip and all our Bishops in their ministry this week.

LAWN MOWING ROSTER: 13th July – Oyem & Rob


Anthony, Nisha, Mike, Cecil, Ruth, Eva, Charles, Nigel, Jen, Ted, Sylvia, Lila, Arthur, Fay, Natasha, Betty, Rosalind, Patty, Melenny, Shereen, Lorraine, Rebecca, Ken, Jim & Margaret.

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